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Eve of Destiny by Richard Taylor
Eve of Destiny by Richard Taylor 501st Airborne
RAF Bomber Command 1939 - 1941 Blenheim Pilot by Chris Collingwood
RAF Bomber Command by Chris Collingwood Blenheim Pilot
Knight of the Reich by Robert Taylor
Misdwinter Dawn by Robert Taylor
Knight of the Reich  by Robert Taylor : Günter Rall Luftwaffe Me 109's
Midwinter Dawn by Robert Taylor : Johnnie Johnson MkIX Spitfires
The Black baron - Michael Wittman by Chris Collingwood
The Black Baron by Chris Collingwood SS-Haupsturmführer Michael Wittman
The Red Baron and his Red Albatross by Chris Collingwood
The Red Baron by Chris Collingwood Manfred von Richthofen
JG 52 by Robert Taylor
Baders Bus Company by Robert Taylor
JG52 by Robert Taylor : Gi-Clee Canvas Luftwaffe Me 109's
Baders Bus Company by Robert Taylor : Gi-Clee Canvas RAF Spitfire's
Flying Tigers The Stuff of Legend by Robert Taylor
Pathway To The Ruhr by Anthony Saunders
Flying Tigers by Robert Taylor : Limited Edition P-40's
Pathway To The Rhur by Anthony Saunders : Limited Edition Dambusters
Tropical Duties by Richard Taylor
Strike On Berlin by Anthony Saunders
Tropical Duties by Richard Taylor : Limited Edition Sunderland
Strike On Berlin by Anthony Saunders : Limited Edition Mosquito
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