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Here are pages showing the most recent releases by all artists, shown in order of release, the most recent at the top. Click on thumbnail image to see larger image and more information. 

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Top Bounce by Robert Taylor
Heading Off Omaha
Devastating Strike by Robert Taylor
Approach To The Mohne Dam by Anthony Saunders
attackOnBridgeAtGamil Large
Destination Tokyo by Anthony Saunders
The Spoils of War by Simon Smith
The Repulse Strikes Back! by Mark Littlejohn TD
The Duke Engages! by Mark Littlejohn TD
Stormbirds Rising by Robert Taylor
Return From The Fray by Richard Taylor
Advance From Arromanches by Simon Smith
The Final Show by Robert Taylor
Vital Assault by Simon Smith
Okinawa Towards The Bitter End by Robert Taylor

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