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Here are pages showing the most recent releases by all artists, shown in order of release, the most recent at the top. Click on thumbnail image to see larger image and more information. 

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Tigers Forward by Mark Littlejohn TD

Sherman Commander by Mark Littlejohn TDPattons Breakthrough! by Mark Littlejohn TD

To Tough A Nut! by Mark Littlejohn TDThe Old Mole by Mark Littlejohn

The Last Great Gamble by Mark LittlejohnDevastating Strike by Robert Taylor

Advance From Arromanches by Simon Smith

The Final Show by Robert Taylor
Destination Tokyo by Anthony SaundersTirpiz limited edition print by Mark Littlejohn TD matted to include section of the deck coming soon.No Mans Land by Richard Taylor
Vital Assault by Simon SmithThe Spoils of War by Simon SmithOkinawa Towards The Bitter End by Robert Taylor
Sainte-Mere-Eglise by Simon Smith
For Freedom by Richard TaylorThe Long Haul To Berlin by Anthony SaundersWalter Beckham scores three kills over Germany by Mark Littlejohn TD. Limited edition prints available soon.German Afrika Korp by Chris Collingwood.  Gi-Clee canvas prints coming soon!

Coldstream guard 1815 Waterloo by Chris Collingwood. Gi=Clee canvas prints available soon.
T55 Rhodesian Defence Force by Mark Littlejohn TD matted to include Rhodesian Tankers Badge. Limited edition prints available soon.

5th Panzer Army having to bypass Bastogne. Limited edition prints available soon. by Mark Littlejohn TD

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