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If you've arrived at this page asking that very question don't worry your not alone, unless you are a serious or regular collector its one of the most common questions we get asked by visitors and purchasers at the gallery! 

A remarqued print is simply put, part of the limited edition run of prints of the image, but to which the artist has added to the border area a unique original drawing. These can be done to order or are issued already completed.

They are normally only about 5% - 10% of the edition and thus are highly desirable for the serious collector and the investment return potential.

Whilst available they are normally the most affordable original artwork from the artist, but due to the limited nature can still be many times more than a standard signed and numbered print from the same edition run. Once sold out as with the other editions issued of the image they can accumulate in value many times above the original issue price!

Click the example below to see some of the wonderful drawings supplied to collectors over the years. If interested in purchasing then check the edition details of the print your interested in to see if available or phone or e-mail us from the contact us site for further details.

Click Image Below For Some Previous Examples

The Arcs of Fire Gallery accept most major credit and debit cards. Place your order on line by using our secure Fasthost/PayPal system backed up by TrustWeave Security Monitoring, or by telephone. If you wish to pay by cheque or fax your order please download the