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Running The Gauntlet by Robert Taylor
Dual Victory by Richard Taylor
Company of Heroes by Robert TaylorDesert Sharks by Robert TaylorDays of Thunder by Richard Taylor
Winter of 44 by Philip E West
First Sighting by Robert Taylor
Most Memorable Day Pencil by Robert TaylorMost Memorable Day by Robert Taylor
Night Attack on the Newcastle by Robert Taylor
Secret Operations by Robert Taylor

Night Hunters by Anthony Saunders
Berlin Boar Fight by Anthony SaundersBattle for the Brenner by Anthony Saunders Remarque Edition
Swan Song by Michael RondotShackleton by Michael Rondot
Halifax by Robert TaylorVampire Sunset by Michael Rondot Remarque Edition
Dawn's First Light by Steven Brown
Mustangs over the Reich by Steven BrownMoral Support by Philip E West

The Jubilee Flight by Steven Brown
Those Golden Moments by Philip E WestHonor the Brave by Philip E West
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