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The Battle of Kursk by Nicholas Trudgian Standard Edition
Eve of Destiny by Richard Taylor
Easy Coy - The Advance From Utah by Simon Smith
Holding The Line by Richard Taylor
D-Day Drop - 'Stick 21' by Robert Taylor
Heia Safari by Nicholas Trudgian
Pieper - The Last Advance by Nicholas Trudgian
Easy Coy - Moving On by Chris Collingwood
Slowing The Red Tide by Nicholas Trudgian
Heer Grenadiers - Kursk by Chris Collingwood
The Tiger Ace - Michael Wittman by Chris Collingwood
Liberation - St. Mere Eglise by Richard Taylor
The 43 Wessex Division Collection by Mark Littlejohn TD
Easy Company - The Taking of Carentan by Chris Collingwood
Easy Company by James Dietz

Sainte-Mere-Eglise by Simon Smith

Vital Assault by Simon Smith

The Spoils of War by Simon Smith



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