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World War II Ground Warfare

Working On New Artwork Tiger II's

Working on some new oils,this one will show Tiger II's of Battle Group Pieper heading towards the bridge at Stavelot during the Battle of the Bulge. Just finished putting on the anti magnetic mine paste, some more wear and tear then crew. Finished painting will be based upon my original drawing and print " Towards a bridge at Stavelot ".

New Richard Taylor 101st Airborne Print

Eve of Destiny by Richard Taylor
Eve of Destiny
Richard Taylor
Stunning tribute to the US 101st Airborne Division. Also
incorporating the matching numbered-pencil drawing.

New Limited Edition Armour Prints Coming Soon!

Coming Soon
Two new limited edition prints showing German armour in action on both the Western and Eastern war fronts of World War II.
Tanks depicted are the Panther Ausf V with German cavalry troops
and Tiger Ausf VI also known as the King Tiger part of Pieper's Battlegroup during the " Battle of the Bulge ".

Patton's Breakthrough

Commemorating the efforts of the US 3rd Armies
historic relief of the defenders of Bastogne during the epic
" Battle of the Bulge "
December 16th - January 27th 1945
Available Soon Limited Edition Print

New Armoured Warfare print Available

The Black Baron by Chris Collingwood
The Black Baron
An exceptional new limited edition print now available to all those interested in the history of armoured warfare through out the last 100 years.
One of the most iconic tank commanders during the second world war, Michael Wittman gained his fame from legendary actions on the battlefields of Europe whilst commanding the famous German heavy tank the formidable PzKwf VI or Tiger I.
A series of prints to come will show other famous tank aces from both the Allied and Axis forces of World War II.

D - Day 6 June 1944

June 6 1944 by Simon Smith
- 6 JUNE 1944 -
To commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day landings and Allied liberation of Europe.
Only £15 / $22 Per Print
From Pegasus Bridge to Dead Man's Corner
Buy All 5 Prints
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