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- The Suez Crisis 1956 -

by Mark Littlejohn TD

During the Suez Crisis of 1956 on the 3 of November, HMS Eagle's Air Group took on the Gamil bridge., a solid causeway, west of Port Said, and the coastal link to Alexandria, if it could be destroyed the western flank of the British and French amphibious and airborne assaults and landings could be secured from any threat of enemy action from that direction.

 Sea Hawk jets and Westland Wyverns propellor driven aircraft dive-bombed it again and again, but the sturdy bridge although rendered virtually unusable for vehicles and the passage of enemy troops, who were faced by the prospect of a long walk in the desert to get to Port Said, survived, later to be secured by British paratroopers.

During the initial attacks a Westland Wyvern piloted by Lt. D. F. MacCarthy was damaged and forced to ditch, using his ejection seat the pilot came down in the sea only 4000 yards from a hostile shore battery. As aircraft from HMS Eagle and HMS Bulwark maintained a Combat Air Patrol overhead, the pilot was rescued by the brave actions of a helicopter and its crew from HMS Eagle whilst under fire from the enemy shore defences.

Mark Littlejohn's evocative and detailed painting captures the scene as Lt. MacCarthy's Westland Wyvern begins to descend towards the sea, trailing smoke. A Westland Wyvern seeing one of his fellow pilots in distress heads in to offer what ever covering help he can as the pilot stuggles to maintain level flight.


Personally signed by the artist and numbered.

125   Limited Edition     UK   £   65

  25   Artists Proofs       UK   £   95

  15   Remarques            UK   £225

    5   Canvas Prints       UK   £375

Overall Print Size : 30" wide x 24" high

Image Size : 26" wide x 18" high

Overall Canvas Print Size : 28" wide x 22" high