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Bloodied But Unbeaten by Chris Collingwood


by Chris Collingwood

In a brief moment of calm a Roman Optio takes some rest, after having engaged in a bloody struggle with his Barbarian enemies. No doubt licking their wounds his indomitable enemy would not be long in returning to the fray once more. These men were on constant alert and seemingly endless actions as the Roman Republic and Empire expanded beyond Italy and through out the then known World.

Disciplined and highly trained by years of service throughout the Roman Empire, these formidable soldiers formed the backbone of the empires army, backed up by auxiliaries drawn from around the then known world, these men carved out an empire that its people and leaders thought would last for ever.

Chris Collingwood perhaps one this country's greatest portrait and battle artists portrays once again the fighting legend that was the Roman Army. The attention to detail and the authenticity that Chris captures with his work seems to be so realistic and powerful its hard not to believe he was not there when the actions he so realistically reproduce took place!

150 Signed Limited Edition   :   £25

150 Giclée Canvas Edition     :   £150


Standard Prints A4 Size

Canvas Prints A1 Size

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