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HMS Glamorgan - Ordeal By Exocet

Falklands South Atlantic 12th June 1982

by Mark Littlejohn TD

At 06.36 hrs on 12th June 1982, HMS Glamorgan, a ' County ' class destroyer, having provided naval support for 45 Commando's attack on' Two Sisters Mountain ', was hit by an Exocet missile. The Exocet missile blasted holes down through two decks, killing twelve crewmen and caused the fully armed and fuelled ' Wessex ' helicopter inside its hanger to explode. The ship was saved from destruction by the quick reactions of the bridge, and the heroic actions of the damage control teams in dealing with the huge fires and extensive flooding.

The painting depicts events shortly after the missile hit, with crewmen fighting the hanger fire and a ' Sea Slug ' missile being launched away from the fires. On the 10th of July 1982 the ship returned to Portsmouth, having made her way home under her own steam to become the only ship to survive an ' Exocet ' attack during the Falklands campaign. 


Artist Signed

283 Limited Edition Prints UK£ 125.00


Artist signed with signature of Lt. Comd Ian Inskip

and matching numbered companion print

83 Commemorative Edition Prints   UK£   150.00


Artist signed + signatures of Captain of HMS Glamorgan and

Lt. Comd Ian Inskip matted with companion print

and copy of book ' Ordeal by Exocet '

15 Tribute Edition Prints   UK£   195.00

Tribute Edition & Remarque Edition Companion Print Matted & Framed


Artist signed and details as for Tribute Edition but with an original pencil drawing within the border of the main print

10 Remarque Edition Prints   UK£   295.00

Example of a remarqued print with original drawing of HMS Glamorgan in the border of the main print

Main Colour Print Image Size : 16" x 25"

Companion Pencil Print Image Size : 11" x 19"

Postage & Packing Within UK : Free

International Orders : £25.00